Sunday, July 29, 2012

Coco's got this.

Finally a day where I have managed to eat properly. Fuck me it feels good after a week of being mostly out of control entirely. Thank fucking god. I feel like more and more Coco is teaching me to be strong and at the moment I feel determined and fabulous... except that I am hugely fat. My goal for the week... well tomorrow morning I am going to do a proper weigh in and then i will assess the damage that I have done to myself then... Until then, I remain wistfully optimistic. I locked myself indoors all day today and made sure that I was upstairs and all the doors and windows were closed so that people would think I wasn't there. As a result, I'm not sure if Michael came round or not, because there is no way of anyone getting hold of me here. I am in my Ivory tower. And I LOVE it that way. Today I have had about 440 cals for the day which has included three cups of tea with milk, one cup of coffee with honey and milk, mexican bean stew stuff... super low cals. It was a can of kidney beans, half a cup of frozen peas, a clove of garlic, half a big ass chilli (for the metabolism) and this tomato sauce stuff which is only about 30 cals per 100ml. And that's all I've had all day. It was yummy.

I had more ghostly interactions today, when I went downstairs today to make my second cup of tea, the lid was off the jar again... After I had spoken outloud to my ghost for about five minutes explaining that if he or she was there then I am very friendly, and it doesn't have to deal with me, but if it does we need to figure out a better method of communication. So I've been trying to google how to talk to ghosts, but then... it looks almost all like total horse crap... but then I tell myself. Piggy, you're trying to talk to a ghost. Horsecrap may just be the status quo. Suggestions are entirely welcome. To be honest, it doesn't have to communicate with me, as long as it doesn't try hurt me... but i figure if it is sending me signs like that... maybe it does want to chat. I dunno, I just figure that someone has an awesome story to tell. Anyway.

Does anyone feel like a weightloss challenge? I'm really feel like I could use one. But I'm shit out of ideas... Thanks for all the lovely comments as usual. Yall are the bestest and loveliest in the whole widest world and I love you all dearly. And I swear, I'm not crazy with this ghost stuff. I'm as much a non-believer as the next, but there is just no other explanation.

Bones & Ghosts
Xo Xo


Little Miss Thin ♥ said...

I'm up for a challenge; why not? :) Thank you so much for your comment earlier you absolute LOVE <3 xx

Alina said...

Challenge could be fun! Good luck with your ghost! X

The Lovely Bones said...

A challenge could be exactly what I need to get my ass in gear, haha.
I hope things are okay with the ghost. My house is massively haunted, but only in my mum's and my sister's rooms because my room's in a more modern extension so I'm saved from their hauntings, haha.
Take care.

breezy said...

this is the first time i've commented on your blog, so hi. (:
i'm totally up for a challenge. sounds fun!

Sarah. said...

have you ever been known to sleepwalk? it could be that! i'd suggest setting up a video camera, but if it really is haunted then god knows what you might see D: paranormal activity 4 perhaps...? good luck anyway :) xxxx

clytie said...

I would be up for a challenge!

And yeah, no idea. You could try a Oujie board but you'd need at least 2 other people.

Finally Perfection said...

Definitely up for a challenge - it might well be the kick up the arse I need!
Not sure about how best to try to communicate with the ghost. I think talking out loud might be good. You could always hold a little seance but they tend to be rather naff if you're on your own...