Monday, July 23, 2012

I found a scale!!

Thank holy jesus almighty, I was getting into the shower this morning and I noticed that there was a scale under the bed. Thank fuck. I can't even tell you how I jumped for joy. On the other hand I ate like a pig today, so tomorrow is the beginning of going back to what I'm good at - diets. This summer I want to get down to 52 or 114lbs. I am loving my shoulders at the moment, they look actually like they belong to a thin person which is fabulous.

I have been doing nothing but working for the last two days solidly, I haven't even had a chance to check out my new town... But on the plus side, I have a quick edit to do tomorrow and then I am bathing in the sun, chilling and not eating. To answer the q about how I got here, friends of my mom's friends that I met at a party asked if I wanted to house sit over the summer, and since I work from home it's absolutely ideal. I'm considering having a nice big party at the end of the summer. I'm completely into this whole summer in the country thing. It's fabulous.

My site is finally up, but it isn't finished yet and my stupid ex has gone and fallen off a roof and cracked two ribs so when it will be completely finished. Now, let's recap shall we. He fucked me over again and since he did that his company got sued, my/our cat ran away (although he did come back, my ex spent three days wondering the streets looking for him and he turned out to be sleeping at the neighbours - suck it) and now he has cracked two ribs. Mutha fucking cunt, the universe is telling you that your karma is fucking fucked boyo and I'm so fucking glad. I'm satisfied to know that karma is on my side. I mean, i'm not happy about his misfortune, cuz that's shitty. BUT I do have a little sense of satisfaction. *evil giggle*

Love & Peace
Xo Xo


Little Miss Thin ♥ said...

I am so glad your little cat is safe! Karma is definitely on your side. You look like your shoulders belong to a thin person because even though you don't really see it, you ARE a thin person. And it inspires/depresses me further that we have the same HW and GW and you've got 6 inches on me AND done it. I love you and hate you (slightly) :) xxx

Anonymous said...

evil giggle indeed! A summer in the country side sounds amazing!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I couldn't last one day without a scale... lol!
Tomorrow you need to chill! Take a day to relax a little <3 ^_^
Poor guy... though you have a right to be a lil satisfied ;) <3

tobf said...

Being without a scale would certainly be nerve racking, but I also don't like changing scales ;_; I know that the one I use is accurate within itself at least, but sometimes two different sets give such different results >.<

Anyway, I hope you have a fabulous time this summer. It sounds great =]

Bella Vinvi said...

Good luck :)

Finally Perfection said...

Well done for finding the scale! And oh! To have skinny shoulders!!! Where snouts are you in the UK? Hope you get some sunshine :) x

Brittany said...

Isn't that the BEST feeling??? (Finding a scale)!

Anddd, karma is a bitch. I think you are A OK to have a a little satisfaction!!

Mbal'ENHL3 said...

"Karma is a bitch,just make sure that bitch is beautiful"...says it all u don't wanna be on the wrong side of the wheel!!! Thank God u found a scale,living without one would have been a struggle.

b. said...

I am so jealous you have a scale!! I have been traveling and can't find one.

And house sitting rocks. I did that last month. I find it easier to stick to my diet in a new place.

And it's totally not shitty for you to smile a little at the misfortune of someone that fucked you over. :)