Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tally Ho Ol' Chaps

I am staying in the countryside of England as of yesterday. Needless to say that I have had way too much to eat in the last 24 hours it is scary, but the people for whom I am housesitting made me dinner and a whole palava, although I didn't have all that much of it to eat mind you. I also didn't bring my scale with, stupidly thinking that she would have one here... silly piggy. Not everyone is as obsessed about their weight as your are.

The house itself is absolutely beautiful. It was built in 1840 so it's dead old and there is a conservatory with a glass roof as the lounge area. The house is also a little bit like the Weasley's house in that it goes up, up, up. It's really bizarre. And when a bus goes past, the whole house shakes. I managed to meet the neighbours who have a ridiculously hot tall English son, who is blonde and was wearing buttondowns and italian shoes when I met him, James is his name. Hopefully i shall be seeing more of him this summer. I am so thrilled at the prospect of my summer in the countryside, I just need to find my summer fling to go along with it.

I shall update when a five year old isn't reading over my back... Fun.

Wine & Carbs
Xo Xo


varpunen said...

I envy you so much!
My holidays will suck for sure...

Wish you luck!

Kitty said...

Have loads of fun..

PS: that James guy sound like the perfect summer fling ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds lovely ^_^
And I hope you get to see more of the boy too ;) James, huh? Cute <3

Anonymous said...

Great summer there dear... And does anyone have their weight stall cos of zero cola?

Little Miss Thin ♥ said...

I think I'm in love with the house just from the description. xx

Sam said...

Sounds like the makings of a fabulous summer! Let your hair down and just enjoy it as much as you can.


Tatyana said...

Oh my, sound so amazing. I'd really love to see a picture of the house, it sounds so fun. ^^

Enjoy your summer, and have happy time in there.

Fat Cat said...

Enjoy yours holidays:)

Anonymous said...

oooo housesitting in the English countryside?? how in god's name did you get a gig like that, and are they paying you?
it sounds amazing darling, have fun! England is a dream place <3