Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Corset Update

I've been listening to the Killers non stop for the last day and a bit. It's funny how you forget how much you love something when you stop listening to it for a while... I guess it's true about all things in life... Anyway, yesterday I ended up on a total of about 500 cals. Today I'm hoping for something similar and Coco is definitely staying in check. I really do like her... lol. It's so mutha fucken schizo writing about yourself as another person. But yes, it's cool that I have a person that is everything I want to be without losing my pathetic self along the way. I was 56kg's flat this morning, but I was also wearing about 1lb worth of clothing. So if I manage to stick to my cals today, 55 looks like it may happen tomorrow. I am definitely going to do a proper weigh in tomorrow. I.e. buttnaked and on that damn scale. I really do feel like i'm achieving.

A couple of things. Firstly, I'm so awesomely surprised that so many people have this alter-ego thing. Clearly, it must be a good idea. Although my friend said to me, when i told her (she's my BFF, she has to know) that if i wake up after blacking out and not remembering things, then I must let her know. Lol, she's very supportive. Anyway, another thing is that I guess my company and stuff are moving along quite fast, but I am so impatient. I guess I am a do-er. I.e. I have an idea - let's roll. I got a response from the AFF and guess what, they flat out refused to give me any details of the girls soccer league. So I have adjusted my strategy and am casting a wider net. If any of yall know anyone in Kabul, please do let me know. Five days till my site launches.

AND the topic of this post. That fucking corset. I tried it on today, and you can bet your ass, it actually zipped up with no problems at all. I didn't have to suck it in. It just zipped. Amazing what three kgs difference can make. I'm so mutha fucken stoked. Can't wait to wear it in public :D YES WE cAN!

Love & Coco
Xo Xo


Gabrielle said...

Wow, you're doing so well :D that's awesome you got the corset on with no problems, and 3 kilos is about half a stone so it does make a big difference. I know I look a lot thinner -3 kilos, anyway.

Haha your friend must be thinking about multiple personality disorder which is actually pretty scary but I don't think it's something you can decide to have, so I wouldn't worry :P

Your outreach project sounds very brave xxxx

Anonymous said...

That's so awesome about the corset! Man, I wish I could squeeze into a corset, lol.
I hope things continue working well for you sweetie <3 ^_^ Take care <3

Kitty said...

Yaay for the corset fitting perfectly :)

I actually am surprised that you even got a respond from the AFF.. are there any organisations working in Kabul? maybe you could get through to the right place via them?

EnHL3~[ said...

Sounds like everything is perfect that side...zipping up that corset with ease is super great,epiC,well done!!!could u perhaps give us a follow up of how the corset looks now...hint hint¤nudge nudge

WinterA said...

I am like that with a lot of cd's I kind of refuse to trade in. I can not listen to them for a while and then when I do I just keep listening to them for while and fall in love all over again.

Oh yeah having a double more confident personality can really help a lot of people. Some people look at as looney but they should give it a run themselves. I am glad you bff supports you.

Yay! Corset. Now you have me wanting to try one when I get closer to my goal weight :-) I have always wanted to be able to wear one and look classy not slutty. Kind of hard to do at my current weight with these massive boobies.

DiscoPanic said...

your project idea sounds really great! and congrats on the loss (:
the killers are one of my all time favorite bands!