Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dirty, Dirty Piggy

So yesterday, my intake was golden, a lovely 500ish, but then I got sad and lonely and went and had a drink by myself in the local pub, where I bumped into my neighbour, met his daughter and went partying with her and of course ended up getting embarrassingly pissed and having a dirty sleepover with this guy called Michael. OMG, he is ... well. I mean, he is kinda cute in a British kind of way, not my usual. He is actually really good thinspo cuz he is skinny. NOT the kinda guy to hit on. Anyway, he is a complete loser, beyond anything else, and is not smart at all. And the worst part about it is that I, in my drunk idiotic state, invited him to my neighbours bbq tomorrow, as like. My plus one. WHY PIGGY WHY!? And this morning I got up and slept in my own bed, because I am finding that I actually like being by myself and he slept on the couch. And he fucking waited for me to wake up before he left. And he tried to kiss me goodbye. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! WHY PIGGY WHY!? So I am hoping that he doesn't show up tomorrow afternoon for the bbq, mostly because I don't want to see him, but also because I don't actually want to go to the damn thing. I just want to hide until I can leave. I actually miss my flat... And the ghost. Has been moving stuff around in the daughters room. Still no idea what happened to the pasta, but my pasta eating ghost is taking things from the dresser and putting them on the bed. That's so fucked. And of course now that I'm all aware of the ghostly presence, I am literally watching everything like a hawk. Fuck. ANYWAY.

So after yesterday being a lovely day, today was a write off, because I was so hungover. Tomorrow, is back to the thing. I want to try start eating more lettucy type things, salads and maybe some fish. Anyway, so tomorrow I am going to go back on the clean eating thing. Which I have been fucked on for the last week. But enough is enough. Anyway, enough rambling from this stupid stupid fat piggy. Here's to hoping Michael stays the fuck away. *fingers crossed*

Peace & Love
Xo Xo


clytie said...

At least it made for an entertaining post? Lol :]

And that ghost would scare the shit out of me. You're handling much better than me!

And I love intakes of 500 or less! Golden for sure.

jackie said...

haha I hate the feeling of a regretful hook up. but maybe he'll surprise you and get amnesia? haha looks like you've found extra reason not to go to the barbeque anyway.

good luck with all of this!


Clear Girl said...

I always want to kill my drunk self the next day. It's like vodka WANTS you to fail. Hopefully Michael will stay away but it seems like he doesn't pick up on social cues... I mean you literally left him in bed (or couch) in your own apartment and he waited for you to wake up... Yeesh.

Little Miss Thin ♥ said...

Michael sounds kinda creepy really! At least it's a ghost too and not a night eating syndrome. Imagine your best efforts during the day and then you sleep-eat/binge. I feel sorry in a way for those people. xx

Tabitha Stormcat said...

British men are disappointing. I say this as a half-British woman. It's just the case. I hope you have some fun here, anyway!

I was previously named Butterfly Unfolding, now I'm writing a new blog called:

Love you!


Finally Perfection said...

British men are disappointing and I say this as a British woman ;) OK well not ALL of them. But on the whole, yes, disappointing. Although I imagine us girls are equally disappointing in some respects. I'm sure I am.