Thursday, October 20, 2011

And now I'm going back to sleep...

We could walk or job, or even a brisk walk - but we want to run, nay SPRINT. I'm not talking about weightloss oddly enough, I'm talking about life. I think we are trying to define ourselves and figure things out just like we are conditioned to do from such a young age and we feel guilty if we haven't got it all worked out. It is utter rubbish I think. We have more than 50 years to be defined and useful, to contribute, make babies, have jobs and pay tax. So why do we rush through highschool and varsity and try to figure it out? BECAUSE that is what the MAN teaches us. He teaches us to be prodigies, to be special. To figure it all out by 25. Then plateau for the rest of our lives and procreate. FUCK THAT! Gotta stick it to the man. ...Rant. Over.

So yesterday I had four cups of coffee with milk (30), then I had tomato soup (236) and about four thick cut chips (50). So just over 300. I don't think it was too bad actually. It took all that I had in me to not eat the chocolate my lecturer gave us to wish us well for the exam. OR the enormous packet of crisps in the cupboard. Tomorrow maybe I will eat those crisps, but only those crisps for the day. So with my normal coffee it will be about 600 for the day. Which is okay, I mean - it could be lower, but rather eat them and then they are done. Fuck, thinking about it is making me drool. Anyway, so 310 yesterday. Today I have had three cups of coffee with fat free milk (20) and about 60g of Cottage cheese (fat free) and lettuce - (70ish). So I'm rocking 90 for today so far. Tonight I think I am going to get it up to about 500. Well... I may just have soup again... But maybe I'll have something else. 500 is the limit for today. GOD I just want to eat.

I weighed in at 63 flat this morning 139 (Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee, welcome to the 30's. Why thank you!) with my BMI ringing in at... 19.9 (Weeeeeeee welcome to the below 20's) I want to eat to celebrate, but now THAT would be counter productive.

Anyway, so has anyone watched Supersize v Superskinny (programme in UK) I dunno what network it was on, but anyway, so they do this thing with the people on the show by working out how much they eat in a week, how many days they overeat or undereat by in a week. Based on 2000 - 2500 cals per day for a girl and 2200 - 2800 for a boy (I stand to be corrected on this by the way). So lets say that I am supposed to eat 2000 cals a day every day of the week. If I eat 500 cals on average per day for a week, I eat 3500 cals in 7 days. I'm averaging this out because somedays we binge some days we fast. This week, the average will be about 500. That means that in one week instead of eating 14 000 cals (Can you imagine eating this much!?) I eat 3500, which means, I undereat by 5 days worth of food a week. I eat food for 2 days over a whole week. Fuck. How awesome is that? I'm stoked that my bmi is going down.

Thanks for all the comments on my last blog. I will post more all round body pics when I get to 60 (132). Hopefully by the end of next week. Love to my husband and wife (George & Beth), our little polygamy circle - lucky boy George... :p

Peave & Love
Xo Xo


Charlie said...

Congrats on being in the 30s! I was addicted to watching Supersize vs Superskinny for awhile... Then Youtube ran out of episodes for me to watch, and since I don't live in the UK, I had to go find other things to watch, haha.
Also, your thigh gap makes me jealous. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

I love your rant and it's so true - we're so pressured to have it all figured out as young as possible.

I loved Supersize vs Superskinny :) I was so bummed when they stopped showing it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why my comment is reflected as anonymous. Weird huh, it was from a_beautiful_mess just by the way.

abbifa said...

I love supersize v superskinny and they are still showing re-runs on channel 4 and E4 here so still getting my fix when not working (although seen each episode like 3 times). You may be pleased to know that they are looking for new contestants now so should be back soon....YEY! I could not swap my diet with those supersizers, think my stomach would burst.

Love your blog soooooooooooooo much, love reading your rants and knowing how well you are doing.


Sam Lupin said...

i seriously thought you were talking about weight loss...well, who can blame me? *shrugs* xD.
MAKE BABIES? i refuse! i'm a man! *throws fists into the air*
man sucks. take drugs!
ohh! i have tomato soup for 226 calories!
i know how it's like. if you don't indulge, you will binge. it's taking me all the strength in the world to not go downstairs, open the cupboards and take a box of cereal and spill all of it into the bowl. damn. i'm fantasizing about CEREAL.
139lbs?! you sexy, skinny bitch! ...i need some time before i get there, but when i do, i'm so celebrating. you know how long has it been since i was in the 130's? since i was a little small child, where 130 weighed too much. i was always a chubby baby, so 130's would be awesome *__*
i love supersize vs superskinny. so much. i watched all seasons again and again and again.
132lbs! i'm so excited. can't wait to see that for both of us!
*wraps arms around wives* i know! i have the most beautiful wives! both of them thinner than me. both of them probably taller than me too. i'm 5'3, you're 5'...10000. so, that works! man, i must be awesome in bed to land two staggeringly beautiful, talented and sexy, skinny women! ;)

enough of boosting your egos.
love, sex, and children,
Sam Lupin

clytie said...

Ohhh I really liked your first paragraph! It makes me feel better and goes right along with what I was talking about in my last post. You're so right!!!

It's really werid to think about how many more calories the average person eats than us. But you're doing awesome!!! Goof luck!

Meeko said...

LOVE this post! i absolutely agree with your rant, i dont ever want to succumb to monotony and cubicles and the whole 9-5 till you die.

Samzi said...

I love that show <3 Also, congrats on getting to the 30's!

Judith Marie said...

if you want, you can calculate your own basal metabolic rate online. Just google it and you put in your age, sex, level of activity and height and weight and it will calculate how many calories you need in a day. 2000cal for a woman is a gross generalisation and is based on the "average" woman, which of course doesn't exist. Calculating your own BMR is much more accurate and allows you to be more precise with the amount that you will undereat.
For example, I am really short and so my BMR comes out as 1700cal per day, a whole 300cal less than the mythical "2000cal" number and so if I worked off 2000cal, I would be very disappointed at not losing weight fast enough.
Still, you are doing superbly well without using BMR and all those calculations so well done!