Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Response to Comments & Update

I should be studying, but just quick quick quick.

Heather: If I was convinced I wouldn't get a disclinary hearing at my varsity, I would totally cut her hair. I may or may not have sneakily tried to follow her to the carpark to key her car, but that has presented it's own "unique" challenges. Let's just say, I have no stealth... or tact :D

Grace - pleassssssssse send on the recipe about the vegan bacon tofu transformation vibes. I fucken HATE tofu, but I am SO keen to try it!
Sam Lupin - I may write a blog dedicated to your awesomeness. Hope the SGD/ABC is still going well. Gawd lady, if you keep going at your rate, you'll out-skinny us all!
Goxxxy - how weird is it that we keep weighing in the same!!? Dude, that's fucken bizarro as fuck!
Barbie - thanks :D I'm a bit of a dork, but my bf does tell me that I'm 'special' at least once a day. I guess it makes for interesting blogging *snort giggle*
Haley - The awesome thang about the gap (besides that is it there!?) is that I have stupidly narrow hips for my frame so I never thought i'd get there. But like, that inner thigh bejiggle is still very present, so I'm gonna have to hit that. I wish I could sandpaper my body sometimes, like smooth over the edges I don't like.
Linny - I am 5'10''/1.78m so I am pretty tall I guess. I haven't taken my measurements in a while, but will take either tomorrow or friday :)

In other news, I didn't 'save' today at all. Had a fat binge. BUT in an attempt to save myself, I am soooo fucken stoked to try the salt water cleanse that I found on Grace's Blog. I think it really will help with at least a solid 2lb-er. Yesssss we can!!

My bf is busy meeouwing at me, lol.

Peace, Love & Skinny Thoughts
Xo Xo


lulani said...

Hey , quick question if I may, How tall are you?


lulani said...

Oh haha never mind I just saw that. Pardon the brain flatulence, lol

Oh and congratulations on your weight, you are gorgeous!


Sam Lupin said...

and i may write a poem dedicated to your loveliness, as you are a rose caught in the clasp of my wind, gently pouring into rivers of sweet dreams and basking in glittering hope. <3
and yes, it is going well! and i do doubt that, sweetheart, as it seems i have plateaued. that, or i need new batteries for my scale. which i will get soon enough! <3

-Sam Lupin

A.beautiful.mess said...

I tried salt water flush and it was disgusting. I felt like throwing up and it didn't really work for me. So epic fail on that for me.

But I hope it went better for you :)

Grace P said...

She says she took smoked tofu-- (you can get it at the store smoked)and then she marinated it in soy sauce and a little bit of oil and then fried it. I would just marinate it in the soy sauce and fry it sans-oil, I'm sure it didn't add very much to the flavour. Or perhaps use spray oil, only 10cal per spray!!! xox