Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm With You

The new Red Hot Chili Peppers is currently blowing my mind hole. Go listen to it now. It is amazing. I binged yesterday, so I am fasting today. And I'm vegan for the next week, which also restricts my lovely coffee, but I don't care. Fat Piggies have to make sacrifices. Fat Piggies don't deserve yummy things. Fat Piggy is going to visit her ex in a short while, the one that is still in love with her for a bit of a taste of the sticky icky. BUT I don't care because this music is so awesome! Then tonight to a party at a place in town which is the after party of the festival I went to last weekend, I am seriously hoping that George (the other George :p ) will be there...

Love & Skinny Thoughts to all. And to all, Love & Skinny Thoughts

Xo Xo


Sam Lupin said...

I binged yesterday too! and I'm fasting today too. Actually. In 30 minutes, it would actually be 24 hours. xD.
I know what you mean about sacrificing the coffee! I drink it black now but I used to love drinking it with milk and cream and sugar and crap!, it's a good thing I adapted!
ahahaha. i'm guessing that's not me! xD

-Sam Lupin/George DiCaprio

Anonymous said...

Fat Piggy!? you have broken Sam.

Glad you are getting your sticky icky on!!

Sasha said...

I also binged yesterday. Today is a fasting day for sure.