Monday, October 10, 2011

Mesus MuthaFuckin' Suess

Holy Shit balls, fuck me, I survived that festival! Holy shit shit shit! I was so fucked on the first night, I don't remember much. But there was this boy called Pete, who was so sweet and so nice. It's the kind of boy that makes you go - goddamit I have a bf - WHY WHY WHY WHY!!! Fuck, I'm actually going to find him on FB. I neeeeeeed to. He was so cool. And he saved me at 5am, in the middle of a field, with these strange ass people who I was talking to and kept me warm by the dam while we spoke. What an awesome guy. *sigh* Just a quick visual for the ladies - tall (I'm 5'10'' - so TALLER than I), black hair with a red streak, tats on his legs, black rimmed glasses - it's like a taller, hotter travis barker. Goddamn!!

There was this girl who camped with us also, who was so skinny and apparently a model, but not very pretty at all. So this week I am on the apple diet - i.e. only eating apples this week - as many as I want - but only apples and obs tea and coffee. Fuck her. I wanted to cut a chunk of hair out of her head. Her thighs were miles apart. Like real life thinspo right there. I ate so much crap this weekend as well. Pizza, deep fried chips etc etc etc. But on the plus side, I also walked a lot,  because it was ages from the campsite to the main stage area. Which was rad. I look pretty okay in the pics as well and I was bikini clad for some of the weekend, but I'm still not thin enough. So new goal is 132lbs by Halloween. And then I shall go as a cat! Yes We Can.

I shan't go into exactly how fucked I was this weekend. Ftw! :D :D. But we have some amazing bands. If you guys have a second check out a band called Civil Twilight (click here for FB page) - they seriously and absolutely blew my mind hole. And the singer is the hottest thang... Wow. Anyway.

So yes, I'm super fat again. My weight that I saw on the scale last night is way too embarrassing to put here. Although to be fair, I imagine a lot of that has to do with the actual food rotting in my stomach right now, so once that passes, i'll get a better idea of how much weight I put on this weekend. I'm sure a week of apple eating will sort that right out. Good to know my kidneys are still functioning and fuck me GEORGE, my throat and lungs are fucked right up. Smoked way to much of the reef this weekend. But it was a festival so oh well.

I had such an amazing time wiith my boyfriend as well. I realised why it was that I was so in love with him to begin with. He's such an amazing man. *sigh*, it may have been the atmosphere though :D

Anyway, I shall be spending my afternoon catching up on the blogs I missed this weekend, so a leeeeettle patience lovelies, I'm comin'.

Oh and I have decided that I shall do at least 100 full sit ups each day, cuz I was at this fezzie and there was nothing to lean back against when sitting and I had to lean on my arms, I mean how weak is my core if I can't even support my own body? So, yes, sit up time. Also with the apple diet this week, I am going to cut them up and eat with a fork and knife. Yes, it is a meal - treat it as such!

Peace, Love, Respect & Happy Vibes Monday :) :)
Xo Xo


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! you are a trip, girl!

Hang tough. Let me know if the apple diet works! I loves me some apples fa sho!

Clear Girl said...

How are we always on the same page??!!!

I JUST decided I'm going on a reeeeally similar diet I call the Five Day Fix.

AMAZING WEEKEND. so jealous.

Anonymous said...

hahaha mushrooms. :)
That child sounds hot as balls btw! Im completely jealous of your kick ass weekend no joke.

abbifa said...

i'm so envious of your week i'm almost green! always wanted to give mushrooms a go but scared to go it alone and none of my frinds will join me.

must keep us posted on the apple front, sounds like a good idea and using a knife and fork is a great plan. wishing you luck


Anonymous said...


im glad you had fun at the festival :D the weight will drop off you on the apple diet, have fun watching it shed!

lots of love x x x

Sam Lupin said...

...that kind of boy?
well, he's a man with a dick, thus he sucks in my book. (will end up marrying some kind of guy anyway). but one thing is for sure! he cannot be manlier than i am. xD.
pffttt. i will compete with him. i'm 5'3, fat, wear thick-rimmed glasses and am always found with the largest sweater money can buy. i am obviously more suited for you, my dear. *sdfw424guystealingyouawayfrommehuh?!*
ahhh. apple diet? i'm on a high-protein thing and hopefully shifting that to just eggs. i've got a bit of peanut butter and tofu to rely on for a bit. tofu's gone. now i've got tofu dogs - about 3 more...and that's it.
i want to go as green lantern.
or something incredibly weird.
i have to go as sex-god guy over there.
GEORGE? that's his name?! *envious* well, George can get a piece of me...
i love apples eaten just like that. i so want apples right now. *high-protein shitfuckery*.

-Sam Lupin

Haley said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend :) Glad you enjoyed it and had some totally gorge eye candddyyy. Good luck with the apples.