Monday, October 17, 2011

Fuck Sakes

Well, the weekend was basically one big fucken binge fest. How amazing. I didn't even drink, but man did I eat. So this week is going to be a hectic restriction week. I don't feel too bad about it because my weight hasn't gone up too much, bearing in mind that there is still an entire pizza in my belly from last night. So, it will be fine. Today is going to be a liquid fast day. Coffee all day, soup for dinner. No more than 300.

Also, I have decided to do some 'toning' exercises, 100 jumping jacks (suprisingly amazing for my calves), 100 crunches, 30 wide leg squats (does wonders for my ass) and then some dumbbell exercises for my triceps. I like my biceps, just the bejjiggle on the bottom part of the arm that needs work. So I am going to try do those at least every second day. Hopefully, my stomach will be more amazing than currently. I have to study today too, and tomorrow, and the next day.

The place that I trained at on Thursday has not called me back yet, so I shall assume that that was a bust. Moving on to something else... Fuck it. And I need to hand in my funding applications etc tomorrow or Wednesday, so I need to fetch a reference letter today about that. Goddammit.

Anyway, I need to look sexy this weekend. Yes I can. AND I just need him to go to his meeting, so I can get started on my exercise. In the mean time - reading cases, reading cases...

Strength & Peace
Xo Xo


SkinnyNinny said...

sounds like a good exercise plan! I'm sure you will totally look sexy bu this weekend! Wishing you the best! :)

Weightless said...

I'm with you for the workout today!!

Sam Lupin said...

pizza. ah. the Devil's trap.
you girls have been fasting and i...have been fasting. a lot actually.
toning! cool. i am so up to the workout. (not really). but i will be? xD.
you were always sexy to me! *George screams and yells, picking up Fat Piggy and then planting a kiss on her cheek!* MINE

-Sam Lupin

ednos Linny said...

Sounds good and you will be amazed at the pain those jumping jacks cause lol...I had this routine set up like that awhile ago. If i could just stick to something even when i see no results i think i would be much skinnier lol
Sorry to hear about the beigning last weekend just keep telling yourself it is a new week!!

Haley said...

You WILL look sexy this weekend! You got thiss. Goodluck with everything you've got going on girl.

HeatherMB said...

good luck with your liquid fast
<3 :)
stay strong!

Judith Marie said...

started following you hun!
I love fasting, and liquid fasts are great, good luck! you'll lose heaps of weight!

p.s. check out my blog if you have the time.