Wednesday, October 5, 2011


My thighs definitely don't touch anymore when I put my feet together. No bending over or usual tricks. They don't touch for reals. When I get down to my GW you know you'll see pics! Fucken STOKED! I attempted to take pics today, but it looks so much fatter in a pic than in real life... So I decided against it, but no matter what - 132lbs/60kgs will be accompanied by a pic! Hopefully can be 60 by this time next week. We'll see!

So that stupid stupid bitch from my one class that I blogged about last week. I would like to reiterate how much I. Want. Her. To. Die. FUCKING SKITCHY WHORE BAG MUTHAFUCKEN SKANK ASSBAG! Her hair is still super pretty... and her waist is still super tiny. BUT today *evil laugh* her hair was tied back, and guess what!? SHE HAD DUMBO ears. Not just a little big, like HUGE! And they sit really low on her head, so she kinda looks a bit down syndrome! HA! Muthafucker! HAHAHA! AND her eyes are so big she looks like a bug! Why don't you go fuck yourself bug-eyed dumbo whore! Okay, rant over.

So I weighed in at 62.9 this morning. Stoked about that. I then proceeded to have a solid 1000 cal binge. Which consister of bread, french fries and vegan bacon. (with dressings obviously). But I figure if I go for a nice long walk later and have something super low cal for dinner or have nothing at all, I can save it. I am not good at "saving" it. But 1200 cals is a lot better than say 2000. And since my last two days have been about 500/400, a high cal day will hit my metabolism.

I also got a shiton of sleep last night with the aid of some sleeeeping drugs. Only problem when you take these sleeping drugs is that you want to sleep for like ... 16 hours. So I sleep for about 11 hours last night, got up, went to class, came home and slept for three more. So NOW I finally feel like I am awake. Thank god. Gonna go for a quick walk right now to go get some mmmmmMilk and some fat free yoghurt for this facial thang I wanna do.

Right and THEN people people, Friday is D-day with the fezzie. I AM so excited. But it is going to be super difficult for two reasons: Beer & Festival Food. I'm talking cases of beer and burger, chips, pizza, pancakes, you name it - bitches be eating it. Fuck sakes.

Oh and I have a test tomorrow. Okay, so not really a particularly interesting blog. But ya, I'm still feeling grogs from those pills. Thanks for all the comments and support. I am write just a blog about the loveliness of my followers. Cuz yall FUCKEN ROCK SOCKS! :D

Skinny Love & Skinny Peace
Xo Xo


GoxXy said...

Hahahah. I love you! xD
P.S - I also weighed 62.9 today hahah :D


Anonymous said...

you are deliciously cool. i think i love you.

x x x

Grace P said...

Nom--- vegan bacon! I love it! My roomie figured out how to turn smoked tofu into vegan bacon, I should ask her her recipe! xox

Sam Lupin said...

you sexy animal! <3
:) i hope you can. gah. 60kg is like something that sounds like a dream right about now. xD. ahaha. <3
:) don't be worry of that binge! metabolism is best after a binge. ;P
I actually want yoghurt now. To eat. xD. thanks a ton, FP! :P
good luck on that then! let's hope you can enjoy yourself. <3

-Sam Lupin

ednos Linny said...

CONGRATS ON THE GAP!!!! wow I would love to see that soon. a quick question do you know the measurement now. and how tall are you. sorry lazy dont want to look sorry...

Haley said...

Oh my fucking god, thigh gap!!?? Sooo jelll, you are my inspiration for the day!!

heather[hunger] said...

ahahah i love your blog :)
you should sneak up behind her when nobody is looking and just cut a chunk of her hair really short >:D

A.beautiful.mess said...

I'm glad you found that girl's flaw. The firl seems like quite a character. I can identify with how you feel, personally want to take certain people down a few notches, you know the kind who think they are all that.

stay strong, cutting her hair is not worth the drama it will cause. haha plan a more subtle revenge. haha just joking (kinda).