Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cookies & Pics

I keep changing the title of this post...

Reprieve I tell you, REPRIEVE! As you are all aware, well some might not be (I find if I smoke too many bongs, I forget/lose days of the week) that today is Wednesday. Which means... stick insect with no soul time. So I shall start this in the usual fashion - I FUCKING HATE THAT DUMB STUPID BITCH WITH ALL MY HEART! VOMIT ON YOU! However, calmly, I shall continue my weekly rant. First off, she was later than usual today. Which was fantastic, because it meant that I didn't need to sit in class for 15 minutes before the lecture and listen to her shit stupid asshole-ness. When she did blow in she looked like shit. Her eyes really are abnormally bug eyed. Dumbo BUG EYES! Vomit on you. But what PISSED me off was that as soon as it was clear that her regular posse of boys was not attending this lecture, she made damn sure that the quiet-wannabe-popular gay boy was reassigned to the seat next to her. Is this a fucking popularity contest? She never speaks to him ever, except now she needs someone to sit next to, so she moved her books when he walked in and told him that he should "sit" *smile* VOMIT ON YOU!

In other news, the Jewish princess with the mutha fuckin' ugly shoes today wore quite nice ankle boots. So, okay, maybe all her shoes aren't FUCKING DISGUSTING, but she still walks like a dinosaur in them. As it turns out, she is in fact from Israel - so A) I don't feel so bad about calling her a Jewish princess. AND B) I almost forgive the dinosaur strut since, well maybe she's from Gaza and they only have rubble there. Haha, okay worse generalisation, but anyway. I think she gets points for being Israeli. Still walks like a T-Rex though.

And then the quiet blonde in front of me. I have hair colour envy of her, but she is one of those people who are thin and pretty, but I'm sure my BMI is lower than hers and I know she has cellulite, so I'm not inclined to dislike her because of that. She also really makes an effort to look nice for class, and hell you can't fault a girl for trying. She reminds me of an old law school friend. ANYWAY, my point is. After the break between periods, she came back to class with a HUGE mutha fuckin' cup of hot chocolate AND a cookie the size of my face. *sigh* I remember chocolate... She also took about half an hour to eat the damn thing. I was right behind her. It was empowering and really torturous at the same time. Chocolate cookies, the rack of ano's.

In other news, I handed in my application for masters today, I am busy with my funding applications (which I'm not likely to get) AND I have a test tomorrow and an exam in a week. I'm going to nap shortly.

Yesterday, I was doing well. Then I went to my mother for dinner and had the following:
- Broccoli with cheese sauce :(
- Boiled Rice with Peas in it
- 3 Halves of Roast Potato
- 1 largish serving of banoffee pie. FUCK YOU BANOFFEE PIE!

So it didn't go well. But whatever. I am going to either fast today or stick before 300. If he notices that I haven't had dinner, then i'll have a can of soup. I haven't lost or gained on the scale today. I want to try alternate between fasting days and  500 cal days. I just have to get around dinner time. Because he assumes that I nibble throughout the day, but if I don't eat at dinner then he freaks. Sometimes I get away with it though.

I just wanted to add something about my blog yesterday on Skinny Pride. I think the point that I failed to mention is that if you are heavy still or just starting out or even trying to lose and failing. Skinny pride I think is about aspiration to be skinny. I know I'm not "fat" (matter of opinion really), but I also am not skinny either. We all aspire to be skinny. That's why I advocate Skinny Pride. I can be better. And thanks for the comments. One day we shall all be skinny together :) :) We can do this. 

Peace, Serenity & Courage
Xo Xo

p.s. Welcome to all my new followers - and hey hey hey to the old ones :) I do try to look at all the blogs of my new followers, but sometimes don't get round to them. If I'm not following yours, lemme know mkay? X

So this is me... My feet are together and I'm not bending, so it's my "Real" Thigh Gap. As you can see, there is a long way to go, but hey, thigh gap.

And from the side. Notice of course my nice pooch and the cellulite just under the ass. I forgot I took these pics, but now seeing them, today is definitely going to be a fasting day.


Aye Ell said...

I am jealous of your thigh gap. Even when I was a size zero I didn't have a thigh gap. At my current size 6 (ugh, I hate to even write that number) there is no hope of any light shining between these thighs. You look great!

abbifa said...

I want to be you, you look fab,
congratulations on the gap......I am green with jealousy at your skinny ass!!


Jenn said...

You look Great!!! I had no idea you were so trim--the way you talk as if you have a muffin top :-) haha. You really do look perfect and I don't see any cellulite I promise. I know YOU probably see different, but I hope you try to enjoy because you are a babe. Well, you're thighs and ass are a babe anyway ;->

take care

SkinnyNinny said...

That's an awesome thigh gap! I'm major jealous. My thighs still touch in a major way. sigh, but I'm gonna keep trying! Keep up the good work!

Sunshinechild said...

omg thigh gap! I only have gap if I bend :p

Judith Marie said...

AWESOME thigh gap! That's the thing I want most in this world! Even when I was size 0-2 I didn't have one! I'm determined to get one this time round!!!! Well done you, looking great.

Sam Lupin said...

stick insect taim.
AHAHAHA they way you say "VOMIT ON YOU". just hilarious, darling.
*claps hands* i love you. i really do.
shush about cookies. gahhh. it's been so long.
how does broccoli taste like with cheese?
thus another reason to marry me. i will never question you not eating dinner! [nobody ever does.]
WOOT! Skinny! ;D
that ass...

-Sam Lupin

Sam Lupin said...

hahaha. Love! I'm still human. I fail like everyone else too xD *blushes*
and yes, P told me she's putting me in treatment in Jan so when I go to the trip in April, I'd have some progress so I wouldn't look too awkward during the trip.
Sucks, right?
<3 I've made it to 5 days before. I'm just pushing towards 6 because if I finish 6, then that would be like a record broken. 7? A WEEK. That would be awesome! I can't believe it then. ^__^ ahaha. Trying to reach your weight as soon as possible I guess, sexy bitch? ;) Mind you, I'm still 5'3.38, so...I will look nothing like you. I will be much more plump to say the least. xD.

-Sam Lupin

Anonymous said...

Uhhhhh fucking thigh gap!!!! I'm so jealous!!! I wish I had those legs and that ass. Mines huge! And actually has cellulite your definitely does not

Anonymous said...

fuck it.. SKINNY PRIDE!! and your legs are looking GREAT! and I like your ass, like.. a lot! it's cute.

It sounds like my husband is flirting with you.. tisk tisk. I'll share-ish

Great gap, baby doll!

clytie said...

you look good! lol I love reading your posts, your voice is so...Clear. lol :]

Haley said...

I'm so jealous of you.
1. because of your thigh gap
2. because you are so hilarious!!

holy eff girl, if you only knew how much your posts make me laugh.


A.beautiful.mess said...

You look good :)

Bug eyes - haha I love it. I can actually picture it because I had a girl like that in one of my classes.
Stick insect sounds like an attention whore - haha she seems so obvious so why are you the only one that notices it.

Hope you get into masters :)

Sarah said...

You look lovely! And your class sounds INSANE!

Cryotaneko said...

OMG YOUR THIGH GAP! i have absolutely NO gap in thigh, as of yet, but I hope one day to be as far along as you! And yeah, your class DOES sound crazy. Ftw xDD Have fun dealing with all of them. Keep up the good work!

eat the rich said...

u are not fat? u have skinny legs, perfectly ones? take care of u please!! xxx