Monday, October 24, 2011

Bloaty McWhale Mondays

Yesterday - I ate a lot of carbs. I feel bloated and heavy and gross. SO today is going to be a fasting day. Of course. I read a blog about a woman who has lost 100lbs (she started at about 300) she is also not one of us. She eats around 1600 cals a day and thinks that a bmi of 22 is fine. Pfffffft - Wha'eva! She had had a convo with some woman who was on a 500 cal per day diet and she blogged about how ridiculous it is to eat so little. My god did I giggle. I commented on it saying that to some 500 calories is a feast! Oh she has no idea. She messaged me back saying that she found out after she posted the blog that the girl has been bulimic for years. Damn, fucking, right. Because no healthy person in their right mind would ever go on a 500 cal per day diet. What we do is ludicrous - no doubt about that - BUT it is the sacrifice that we make to be skinny.

I have an exam in two days so today I am hitting it hard. Not amped, but I may have a nap because I am feeling nauseous. I also just flooded to fucking kitchen with the washing machine. GodDAMMIT! It's the third time I have done that. But my pile of laundry has gone down significantly in the last day because of non stop washing cycles. Yay for clean clothes that don't fit me. I need to find a job.

Skinny Thoughts & Peace
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Jessie. said...

SHE CAN LOSE EATING 1600?! Cool, mega green Jell-O over here...
Lol. Some people will never understand...
Good luck with studying and stuff. :)

< 3

Sam Lupin said...

gah. the carbs. they're the devil.
she can lose that fast on 1,600?!?!?!?!
sacrifices for thinness! <3
i sometimes gain on 500 calories even. it's a matter of what the hell those 500 calories are made of.
jobs suck.
take drugs.

-Sam Lupin

Charlie said...

She loses on 1600 because she weighs so much to begin with.
Definitely take a nap. :) I love naps, because I don't have to think about food while I'm sleeping, though sometimes it makes its way in there...

Judith Marie said...

Agree with what Charlie says up there. She loses on 1600cal because she's big to start with! If she normally eats 3000cal and cuts down to almost half, she'll lose. Just goes to show how skinny you are!
Carbs are evil, but I just had my exams and I understand the carb eating during exams. Good luck!

William said...

Hello my dearest Ms. Piggy,
I'm kinda falling off the tracks here. :/ So what do I do? Turn to blogs! Yours and a couple others in particular. :) I'm so proud (and jealous) that you've made it into the 130s! That's so great, and makes me green with envy as well. ;) Also, I think that sick little part of my brain (yes, we all have one, mine is just especially devious) is falling in love with you! Ha ha. You're so cute!
P.S. Do you really live in Africa?! I saw you reference it a couple of times but couldn't tell if you were serious or not. Alright, I'm done for now, I hope to hear from you soon though. Much love! <3

Anonymous said...

It must have taken her like a bagillion years to lose 100 pounds with that calorie intake for fucks sake. I gain if I go over 500. Psycho lady...ohh and carbs are pure evil. along with chinese food. hope fasting goes well!

lulani said...

keep in mind she was pretty fat - 300 lbs, so at 1600 cals she must have been "starving" in comparison to the amount she normally ate. it's nice she feels good in her own skin - but personally I know I'd still feel friggin disgusting