Monday, October 10, 2011

Sexy Thinspo for Sam Lupin!

If you haven't seen Sam Lupin's blog, do it nooowwwww!

Update side: Failed epicly on the apple fast - bf started bitching about how we never eat dinner together, so we ate dinner together. Fail. I am either starting to TSS diet tomorrow (like Sam ;) ) OR the SGD. I wouldn't be able to handle the ABC. Anyway, doing it!

Thanks to everyone who takes time to comment on my blog. I really love you all! Welcome to my new followers. I do follow most of your blogs. My reading list is becoming hugeeeeee, but it's sexy and I like it. :D

Anyway, sexy thinspo for Sam! <3 <3 <3


Sam said...

I think you are absoltely amazing!
such an insipiration!
don't worry about the slip up today we all have our bad days!
Chin up lovely, we're all in this together :) xx

Beth said...

I totally second that shit! Sam, you are amazing!

Fat Piggy.. sorry your apple diet didn't work out. It's very hard to diet when you have people watching you. You will reach your goals regardless because you are awesome like that!

Thinking of you..

Haley said...

Sorry about the apples, boyfriends are lame and have fast metabolisms and shit soooo they will never get it. Love the thinspo!

Sam Lupin said...

i should make a product line or some other shit like that, i'd get the best advertisements ever from you ladies! x3
woot! someone that might do TSS with me *even possibly? :D*! you have made me dance on rainbows, my dear! [not literally, i'm much too lazy to find a rainbow. that and i'm sick now xP]
your reading list is as sexy as you are my coconut-cup ;)
number 3! i like that one! i'm holding you down in that position one day! xD
*whistles* that ass at the end! =D
i am returning that favour, lovely.
you will see.

hmm. maybe we can do it as soon as i get off high-protein? it would be something to go on a week of just apples *speculates idea* ;)
-Sam Lupin